“What a voice…”

Rebecca Folsom’s music is about liberation. Her songs crack open hearts, inspire hope, and leave listeners with a deeper perspective. Rebecca’s world-class voice traverses a near-four-octave range. KUNC radio describes it as “knock-you-to-your-knees.” The Daily Camera describes her music as “shining…with lush harmonies,” and Westword Magazine says, “Her songs hit like little earthquakes!”

While her range is impressive, it’s the expression in her voice that rivets your attention and stays with you long after the show ends.

Rebecca’s voice pours from an inner source of honest emotion, flowing from lilting tenderness to fully liberated, unbridled release. Her poetic songs open your heart, setting free a vulnerability you didn’t realize was locked away and inviting you to embrace life with all of its joy, sorrow, passion, and love. She brings both a pure vocal quality reminiscent of old Appalachia and a blues prowess,

With the release of two new CDs, Rebecca is in full stride, more masterful than ever and more personal too. Her newest CDs, Extraordinary Days and Little Medicines, born out of writing 52 new songs in a year, are a delightfully positive ensemble of songs. Mixed to listening perfection, the delicious blend of front porch instrumentals, intimate vocals, and soaring harmonies reveal tales of human heartbreak, redemption, and liberation. As Rebecca’s songwriting paints a picture of shadow and light, she digs down to gather life’s stories, alchemizes them, and offers a transcending, toe-tapping vision of hope. These songs are little medicines for the soul.

Within a few weeks of its release, Extraordinary Days hit number 5 on the national Folk DJ chart, while the song “Better Times” was named number 1 Best Folk song. Rebecca also earned the number 8 spot on Folk DJ’s list of top artists of 2016. The CD is Top 40 on National Americana Country radio charts, and the song “Colorado” hit number 22. National radio has called the CD “Stunning” and “Spectacular.”

Whether performing solo, or as a duo, trio, or the full band, Rebecca’s music lifts you up for a truly heart-opening and inspiring musical ride. Rebecca and her colleagues share many accomplishments, including Nashville songwriting success and a Grammy nomination, as well as topping the Roots/Americana and College radio charts, playing the highest caliber national and international venues, and being voted best of BBC television and radio. They have been professional singer/songwriters, touring musicians, and teachers for over 20 years.

Rebecca is a true renaissance woman. Beyond her career as a recording artist and national touring musician, she is a published author with two books of poetry. She is also an oil painter with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has shown in numerous galleries.

Rebecca finds great joy in sharing her artistic experience through performing, songwriting, painting, and Art of Vocal Freedom workshops. Her genius is in helping people to open their hearts, to leap into what they really love, and to shine.

“I want to help people, in whatever form I can, break down barriers, to help people free themselves to live more openly, authentically, and with confidence that their dreams are possible and truly valued.”

BOOKING: Terri Stewart, terri@stewartmgmt.com, 303-989-1764, www.rebeccafolsom.com.

To purchase CDs, go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ rebecca-folsom/id16239797 or http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/RebeccaFolsom.

To find out more information on concerts, workshops, book readings, and art shows, go to www.rebeccafolsom.com.


Westword Magazine says, “Her songs hit like little earthquakes.” KUNC radio says “Rebecca and her band effortlessly take you from the most tender of ballads to “knock-you-to-your-knees blues”. A delicious blend of front porch instrumentals, intimate vocals, soaring harmonies, inspiring tales of human heartbreak, redemption, and liberation, mixed to sweet and spicy perfection. Rebecca brings both a pure vocal quality reminiscent of old Appalachia and a blues prowess. She is joined by a band of ultra-talented musicians steeped in Southern Delta grooves and fun background vocals that lift you up for a truly unique and captivating musical ride! Together their shared accomplishments go on and on; Nashville Songwriters, a Grammy nomination, topping the Roots/Americana and College radio charts for an entire year, having played the highest caliber national and international venues, voted best of BBC Television and Radio to name a few. Together they have been professional singer- songwriters and touring musicians for over 20 years. Rebecca is releasing her 10th CD, Reunion, a stunning tri-medium combination of music, art and poetry that Boulder Magazine describes as “achingly beautiful”. A true Renaissance woman, along with being a songwriter and touring musician, she has published two books of poetry and has a BFA in Fine Arts focused in painting and drawing. She has been teaching Songwriting and the Art of Vocal Freedom workshops for over 18 years. Through her extensive collective artistic experience she enjoys inspiring others to shine as individuals and community members, move into authentic expression and action, and find enjoyment as they explore the masterpiece of their lives.