First is Alyson Bell’s Event and Party planning site.  This woman is brilliant at planning impeccable and fun events!  She has helped me with every CD release party for over 12 years.  All those fantastic Wild Women of the West Benefits at the Boulder Theater she was my quarterback!  Dependable, creative and thinks outside of the box for a unique and all around satisfying event!


Designed a number of my cd jackets and my website for as long as I have had one! Fantastic, Creative and way cool in all they do!


John Clough

John Clough videos and graphics.  Super Creative, Impeccable imagery and always make you look great!

Nancy Stubbs

Stellar coach helping people to reach their highest potential, live their best masterpiece of a life, and let go of what is holding you back.  So helpful!


Women’s Quest

The woman who runs this, Colleen Cannon, is pure sunshine and has the brilliant gift of inspiring women to go beyond mental, emotional and physical barriers and replace fear with Joy! She is a gem and her camps are life changing experiences. Sometimes I have the great fortune of being part of her astounding staff on one of the adventures!
Women’s Quest offers women outdoor adventure vacations and retreats. Find out more about how women can create
a healthy lifestyle through mind, body, spirit …

Women’s Foundation of Colorado

This is my new favorite charity.  I will be helping to host a fundraising event called Bold Voices this fall at Etown on Oct 4th!  Come check out all that they do!

Women’s Foundation of Colorado “We boldly lead systemic change on behalf of all women and girls in Colorado to reach their full potential.”  Yes!  It is good work they do!

Boulder Morning Star Zen Center

Run by the most compassionate and wise woman I have ever worked with, Sanchi Reta Lawler.  She teaches all sorts of beautiful contemplative studies that have true practical results of bringing peace, kindness and deep lasting transformation into one’s life.