MUSE:Songwriters In The Round
February 10, 2017
7:30 pm
Denver, Colorado
Tuft Theater at Swallow Hill Music
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Featuring David Roth, Rebecca Folsom & Steve Law

MUSE:Songwriters in the Round is an ongoing performance series that focuses on the art and process of the contemporary songwriter. Each evening we’ll invite three dedicated songsmiths to the stage to perform their best and most memorable material in a “in the round” format. We will strive to present the highest level of national as well as local talent, always seeking to include the voice of women and seasoned veterans as well as promising up and coming artists. It is our desire to help grow the large Swallow Hill community of writers, performers, musicians and music lovers by celebrating the songwriter’s process with stories of discovery, challenge, memories, dreams and aspirations.

Tuft Theater Swallow Hill Music in Denver, Colorado. Tickets $15. Doors 6:30 Show 7:30