HOPE 11-11
November 11, 2020
11:11 am
A Global Event
HOPE 11-11

Are you ready to immerse in the energy of hope-fueled transformation and solutions? Are you ready to ignite hope and imagination in a time of fear? Then join me for an event on November 11 to inspire hope the world over — HOPE 11-11 is an event of possibility and real change!

Join me on November 11 for the FREE HOPE 11-11 event, by registering at www.HOPE1111.com. It’s free, inspired and easy!  It starts at 11:11 a.m. and I come on around 12:30 p.m.

This event is for those with open and optimistic ears, minds, voices and hearts to initiate a launch point of hope and possibility that will ripple across the globe.The whole day is going to be filled with incredible conversations, music, voices of hope and art — and, most importantly, a globally synchronized, frequency meditation for HOPE.

I was honored to be a participant in one of the panel interviews and I would love to share that conversation and all the other amazing contributions of that day with you. The focus of each of these conversations is how we live, grow and thrive in alignment with the intelligence of nature, in harmony with each other and with a focus on changing ourselves. The focus of the panel discussion I participated in is SANCTUARY. Of course!

Join me on November 11 for the FREE HOPE 11-11 event, by registering at www.HOPE1111.com.

It’s time to gather together to cultivate optimism and balance fear. It’s time to live the way we ultimately envision by creating that possibility within ourselves. It’s time to create new ways of living in harmony with the intelligence of nature, ourselves and with each other.

‍Your presence is valued. Join this initiatory event for a hope-led movement and this mass energetic healing about to be released upon the world! Come play in the field of possibility for a new way of living on Earth. Your presence itself will be a powerful declaration!