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Back of My Heart

Extraordinary Days


“Reunion is achingly beautiful.” Boulder Weekly

“With some performers, you leave their show feeling better. With Rebecca, you leave her show feeling like you are a better person! Now THAT is magic! Peter Krantz, Camarillo Cafe

“Rebecca’s songs hit like little earthquakes!” Westword

“Very few musicians can take you from tender ballads to a knock you to your knees blues. Rebecca does, she is a performer to watch!”  KUNC Radio

“Lush harmonies, great acoustic music and a lot of sass and attitude….sweet one minute, and then rebellious and smart the next.” High Plains Radio

“songs that are at once literate and emotional, and harmonies that strike just the right note of connection and invention while staying spare and serving the music.” Dirty Linen

“Rebecca Folsom’s music is a breath of fresh air. It deserves to be heard!” David Glasser Airshow Mastering Colorado

“Rebecca is a wonderful singer with a great range and a fine array of original tunes.” Sam Bush

The Denver Post calls Rebecca  “a sultry vocalist” The Denver Post Denver, Colorado

“Folsom shines on the mellow almost spiritual ballads, a cross between Joni Mitchell’s lush, soul-searching folk jazz and the Cranberries’ mystic Irish pop.” Daily Camera Boulder, Colorado

“Rebecca was immediately accepted by our audience when they voted her best new artist in our “Classics of 1998” contest. What impressed me then, and continues to with her new CD is her ability to move through different musical styles with such ease. Her smooth, sweet voice can take you floating through a folk song, and then she’ll turn around and knock you to your knees with her rock or blues.  Rebecca is definitely one talented woman!” Kirk Mowers KUNC Radio

“Uplifting vulnerable” Mountain Ear Colorado

Wild Women