Rebecca has been coaching and leading workshops for more than 25 years and has refined her methods to masterful exactness. Her one-on-one sessions combine supportive, personal exploration with practical life-changing results. Her workshops provide a fertile ground for empowering group and community connection, while also catalyzing individual improvement and advancement.

The Art of Vocal Freedom—Resonate with Joy

With Rebecca Folsom 

The Art of Vocal Freedom workshop guides participants to their authentic voice through releasing habitual muscular, energetic, and mental patterns. Mixing Taoist, Toltec and Yogic practices with traditional vocal techniques, Rebecca supports individuals in gaining strength and ease through simple adjustments in alignment and synchronization of all parts of the body. These body-centered techniques enable greater creative flow all around and greater access to joy in singing. They teach the heart to sing! The workshop is accessible, fun, and effective for all levels, for singers and non-singers alike. Come feel the Joy!


Named “The Creativity Shaman” by her Artist-to-CEO clients, Rebecca Folsom inspires whole system transformation through vocal discovery and mastery. If you are motivated to thrive, ready to release your old stories of limitation, and to live into the reality of new possibilities, Rebecca is the coach for you.

Rebecca invites you to expand your capacity for flow in ways that are so simple people often shake their heads with a “Why didn’t I think of that?” You will discover how to embody new levels of openness and resonance with your voice and your overall creativity. You’ll let go of inhibiting mental static and activate the genius that is your birthright. Rebecca’s approach is direct, kind, and fun; with the measured precision and care of one who has been navigating these waters herself throughout her life.

Rebecca coaches small and large groups, including singers, artists, writers, bands, corporate teams and CEOs and kids. The only requirement is the willingness to dissolve limitations and discover your true creative freedom.