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Hello Friends! Sanctuary is FYC for Best American Roots Song and Best American Roots Performance. Have a Listen! I’m a listening voter, so send me your music too!

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SANCTUARY is the new album by Rebecca Folsom, an award-winning singer/songwriter from Boulder, CO. It is a collection of 12 exquisitely crafted tracks that reflect Rebecca’s passion for transformation, her compassion for humanity and her belief in the unifying power of both love and music. Through her breath-taking voice and brilliant storytelling gift, she offers insight, invites empathy, and asks us to unite our passion and our voices for the common goal of co-creating a world that can provide sanctuary for all.

Three years ago, Rebecca Folsom was standing in the Temple of Transformation, a renovated Methodist church that belongs to her friend Suzy Batiz. In that moment, Rebecca was overcome with the feeling of the many voices that had come together in that space over the years, uniting in human struggle and celebration, lifting their voices in sacred harmony, healing and love. She thought to herself: ‘This space needs its own song.’ That’s when the spark for SANCTUARY was born.

In different ways, each of the songs illustrate how our belief in separation is impacting our world with devastating results, and how the fear that comes from those beliefs is clouding our ability to see the humanity in ourselves and in others. Through her writing, Rebecca invites us to take a step back, to bring love to the table and to come together in co-creating a better world through compassion, collaboration and inspired action.


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Using the universal language and unifying power of music, the Sanctuary project is a musical collaboration between writers, musicians, and producers that inspires justice, equality, and peace.

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